Sunday, July 17, 2011

May 15th, 2011 - and the events prior to -

So Carrie's knees were giving us fits. My left knee was having a repeat performance from last summer on the softball field. Both our swim strokes needed some massive improvement. We needed some additional support.

Bryan got some injections in his knee from Arizona Pain Specialists. They seemed to have worked! Carrie saw three physicians  before she found Dr. Kevin Sherman and Dr. Simon Billingham in Scottsdale. Both of them have been key in helping us work around her knee and leg problems. Each of us are getting coaching from Sarah Simons at Sarah is patient and has worked with us very closely. Her detailed drills are catered to each of our swim stroke issues.

On May 15th we ran a much larger race at Seville Sports Club in Mesa.

Our second triathlon was:
  1. 300 yd Swim
  2. 15 mile mike
  3. 2 mile run
Carrie was 4th in her age group. Bryan was 6th. Bryan missed a turn on the bike causing him to ride about a half mile extra and thus miss out on a ribbon.

Our swim times improved. Bryan's run time was ridiculously improved.

What's next? The BTC and swim training galore ... in preparation for a crazy July.

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