Monday, July 18, 2011

July 10, 2011 - Our 14th Anniversary and Chino Valley, AZ sprint triathlon

So we took Baron the dog with us for the Chino trip. Chino Valley is just north of Prescott,AZ. The temperatures are much more feasible than Phoenix because the towns are at or above 5,000 feet.

We left for Chino on Friday evening after another week of hard swim and run training. We hiked around in Prescott at Watson Lake. Baron was digging this trip. He had his own bed at the hotel room.

The Chino Valley race was made for us. The bike route was longer and had some hills and the swim was shorter.

1) Swim 300 yds
2) Bike 15.4 miles
3) Run 3.1 miles

In the swim - I stayed on pace with Carrie for the first time ever! She got caught up in a traffic jam in the pool and it cost her some time. The beach exit from the pool helped me because I stood up and ran when the water was about waist high.

Once I was on the bike - things felt great. My transition from swim to bike went much better than it did at the JCC triathlon. On lap one of the bike I was passing people regularly and no one passed me. Lap two promised to be even better. 7 miles into the bike ride ... my front tire felt mushy. Long story short, I flatted and rode the flat from mile 7 to mile 11 before I had to make a turn ... bikes don't turn very well when you have a flat front tire. Crash! I was not equipped with the right tools and my pump was back in Phoenix ... but still I tried to repair and go. It was not to be. I did the first lap in about 19 minutes. I was going to be about 38 or 39 minutes on the bike which would have put me in the hunt for the OVERALL. I actually would have probably been 5th overall in the race if I look at the times. I definitely would have won my age group because there was only one other dude. By default, I took second place and they actually awarded me a medal. Did I earn it? No, not really. Was I going to finish barring the flat. You bet. I estimate my time to be about 1hr 05min. I went back that afternoon and did the run. I ran the 3.1 in 21:40.

Carrie did really well on the bike. She finished in 1hr 30min. She won a gold medal in her age group! She beat the other gal by about 4 minutes total.

We finished the weekend by spending the day together hiking, going to the dog park and visiting Sedona and Jerome. It was a great anniversary weekend.

Have you ever done a real open water swim? We grew up on KY Lake ... but in all honesty I never really swam that much. One time I remember swimming out to a bridge that we wanted to jump from at KY Dam Village. Open water swimming can be spooky - especially if your swim stroke is MUCH LESS than perfect.

The next triathlon? It's open water ocean swimming! It is at the end of July. I guess we better hurry up and figure out how to swim open water.

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