Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fixing a flat on a training ride ...

In the midst of a BLISTERING pace on my morning ride today ... my rear tire deflated rapidly. It was one of those flats that is just shy of a "Boom". It's a common occurrence. I should really be rolling kevlar tires on my training rides. I just bought some new tires, so I think I will stick with them for the next 2000 miles or so.

I started to get a little "aggro" as I pulled off to change out the flat. I told myself to breathe, learn from and enjoy the experience. So I calmly pulled my tool kit out of my saddle bag and worked very patiently. I changed the tube, got a drink and hopped back on to finish the ride. I did not time myself, but I would say that it went fairly quickly considering I took my time and did not stress out about the issue.

I rode for 45 minutes and then ran for 60. I think I did a little over a 6 mile run. It was the maiden voyage for my new Brooks Ravenna2 running shoes and footbalance inserts. I think I like them. Baron the dog came with me so I kept the pace down a bit so that he would not over heat. I think it was little more humid than normal this morning.

I am getting two wisdom teeth removed tomorrow - so I have to stop eating today at 11:00am. I have also been warned about working out over the weekend. I guess I will listen and use the time to let my body recover a bit.

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