Sunday, April 19, 2020

Go on out if you think it's a hoax


Update - July 2020 -

Having grown up in a different era where there was still a hint of decency left in our leadership, I guess I continue to be disturbed by two things:

1) The people older than me ... what the hell?  I KNOW most of you used to believe in working together to solve problems. The majority of you have been bamboozled into believing it is "us vs. them" and it makes me question everything and everyone involved in my upbringing. Where have those logical, humanistic and kind people gone? Is it fear? Is it just down-right gullibility? What the hell happened? PS. I do not mean that fake "churchy" kindness either ... I mean a real genuine caring about the plight of our neighbor. 

2) Why are roughly 40% of our voting public in support of the current GOP political movement? It is very clear to the objective bystander (I do not watch TV or listen to stupid pundits who are shills for a narrative) that this is a group of people that celebrates and stands for racism, divisiveness, greed, power, nepotism and the caste system. Why is it acceptable that the "Great Experiment" turned into just another single-race, single-religion my way or the highway land run by greed and corruption? Why is it acceptable that we have leaned on the two party system for so long that we've allowed the power hungry sociopaths to bend the rules through gerrymandering to gain complete control of the power? Why is it acceptable to a republic based on democracy that the votes of the masses no longer count? 

There is a pandemic. The numbers are staggering. Here's a newsflash folks - even the people that are carriers of this thing MIGHT have long term side effects from this virus. Factor that into folks that did recover with a hospital stay and were on a ventilator ... what damage did they take on that will linger permanent for the rest of their lives? And here's the punchline ... the GOP will now do their damn best to make COVID a pre-existing condition. 

If I hear another person whining about "they're teaching our kids to hate their country" I am going to pluck my eyeballs out of their sockets. No one is doing this. As a teacher and a mentor it is my job to tell the truth. The truth should never be sacrificed. Yes, we used to have a great country, but about 30 years ago, we started careening into chaos. When we started using the word "news" as a disguise for a hate-based control ploy, we lost our way. I am literally talking about Fox News. Murdoch needs to be deported from yet another country. Look it up ... the Aussies got rid of him because he was a damned sociopath. I put most of this mind control on that idiot's shoulders. Perhaps that is where the older people were led astray. 


Update ... June 2020. Still isolating. I still hold the same opinion as I held in April. Folks spouting about "only a 2 percent death rate" are the ones without empathy. Until this still uncontrolled virus hits your family, you don't get to talk about people's "over-reaction". It's not a political thing if people wear masks. It's not a political thing if people continue to isolate. These are reactions based on science and the current things we understand about the pandemic.

On a per capita basis, the USA is 26th in the world in regard to covid testing. So yes, we are improving on testing, but we are no where near in the number one spot. 

In an effort to share responsible thinking and words from actual scientists ... this article explains the data as understood by an epidemiologist.


Update ... May 2020. I keep reading falsehoods regurgitated by politically motivated entities. The death rate of covid19 far exceeds that of the flu. There are over 50000 covid19 deaths in our country since February 1. The current mortality rate in New York is 7.6 percent. These are facts based on numbers from the CDC. Wake up folks. This is very real and we do not have a handle on it whatsoever.

Original - April 2020

I've been isolating by choice since about March 8th. The data on this illness is staggering if you are able to see beyond your own confirmation bias. It's not a political thing. It's not an economy thing. It's a fucking pandemic. It demands respect and gives none.

I know five people who have complications from covid19 and their words are things like "you don't want this." Or" I literally feel like I may not be able to get my next breath."

If you want to open things back up despite the warnings and logic, I invite you to analyze the following.

1) If money is more important than your family's health, then go on back out there.

2) If your orange fuhrer tells you that this is all a hoax and you choose to believe a proven liar, then go on back out there.

3) If you claim capitalism is the answer ... and you are a titan of industry, then find a way to make money despite the shut down. If you think that's garbage, then I invite you to go on back out there.

There are good people and bad people on our planet. There are also logical people and illogical ones out there roaming around. Maybe covid is the answer to getting us back to humanity by cancelling out some of the bad, illogical and bad-illogical among us.

If you do disagree with the logic of social distancing and decide to venture out there, by all means invite some like minded folks and lick one another on the mouth.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Random thoughts on voting, public office and respect

Respect is color blind. Respect cares not about money. Respect rejects the notion of power. Respect is at the finish line in the race for equality.

Bryan M. Howell, 2014

On the eve of the November 4, 2014 election, I am reminded of several posts I have made during the last four years of my own personal journey to discover myself. I am not an ageist. I really try to avoid overgeneralizations. It’s time to remind myself of one of the important things in life. Respect.

At the end of the day, I am embarrassed of blind hatred, stereotyping and the newest tumor on society … entitlement. Here’s a list I’d like to put out there for folks to see my angle on voting and the importance of honest public officials.

For Voters:

  • Don’t blindly vote down the list. The truth is this: If you do not take the time to educate yourself and truly consider the angles that a candidate introduces … you are sort of wasting your time. That vote is for YOUR opinion and it deserves you understanding what those choices on that ballot mean.
  • Don’t vote straight party. On a rare occasion, there is a better alternative. Some candidates do a good job of staying out of party politics. Pay attention to those folks. They are the game changers.
  • Don’t vote because of what your daddy voted. If you are truly an “individual” voting the way someone else voted is contradictory.
  • Don’t take a selfie in the booth. It’s stupid and could be a felony.
  • It’s not too late. Even tonight. Go out and learn about the people on the ballot. The “Google Machine” holds the key to many political mysteries … but remember, not everything on the ‘Interwebs’ is true.

For Politicians:

  • Do the job because you WANT TO HELP PEOPLE.
  • Don’t vote in absurd pay raises for your office and then go vote against pay raises for others.
  • In fact, do your best not to contradict yourself.
  • Speaking of self … please be yourself at all times.
  • Respect the opponents, the office and the duty of public service. Run a better campaign. Your voting public is tired of your poorly edited half-truth smear campaign. Be the bigger candidate.
  • Respect the people you pledged to serve. If you wouldn’t say it to the preacher or sweet older lady down the street, then you ought not to say it anywhere – because it will end up on the web somewhere.
  • Don’t use any elected office (or person) merely as a stepping stone. Get in and get your hands dirty doing that job before moving up the chain.

I started with my quote for a reason. I’m no genius, but unless we make our way back to a more respectful world … the ship will sink. With the power of information, the ship will sink more readily when respect is absent.

And to clarify, I do not mean this “fake” respect that we see all over the media nowadays. I mean genuine respect. When you put aside your preconceived notions and truly get as objective as possible it is a bit easier to see other’s point of view … or at least where their point of view originates. If you begin respecting others it will surprise you how much more readily understanding is reached.

Respect is a song by Aretha and it sure is catchy. She captured a wonderful concept. Now, think about respect beyond her lyrics and see where the road leads.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Lost Loon Triathlon - Nashville, TN

This is a fun and family oriented event. It is chocked full of costumes, singing, and fun-loving outdoorsy types.

This was also the site of my first ever multisport event back in 2010.

It was fun coming back after all the training and racing I've done since. I remember the bike was fairly easy for me back in 2010 - but I still worked up quite a sweat. This time the bike was laid back and enjoyable - even with all the beginners and congestion on the course. I remember the canoe portion of tow 2010 event making my heart feel like it was going to leap out of my mouth and swim back to shore. It was vastly different this year. I am no longer scared of the water AND we've been through 3 months of rowing courses. We cruised that portion - passing several canoes and taking it easy. It was fun. Carrie and I did the run together, so we briskly walked it to protect her knee.

Good times. Fun event. All the proceeds go to the Long Hunter State Park. It is a nice park and not too far from downtown Nashville.

Rumors of a 200 mile bike day for Bryonman have started to swirl. It may happen this fall. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 9, 2014

I've taken a couple of weeks off to move ... time to get back on the horse

So we moved back to our origins. I am now based in Western Kentucky. The move has gone very well. I have been "cross-training" over the past couple of weeks. Moving furniture, cutting timber, digging holes, installing flooring and general moving-related tasks.

We are not moved in yet, but it is time to get some cardio going again.

I suppose it was time for a mini-break. I have been training very consistently for over three years. I think it has been healthy for me to break the cycle a bit. The good news is, the fitness is now 100% part of my lifestyle. Yet another positive effect of triathlon training.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mesa Olympic Relay - The debut of The Wayward Farmers

Sharky and I were 1st place in the Mesa Olympic relay on Sunday. Of course we were the only male-based relay team.

He did the swim and the bike and I did the run portion.

He swam a 32 ... which is a quick swim for an Olympic pool-based swim. That's about 8 minutes better than I would have done.

Then the race went on pause.

During the swim, a couple of uncaught thugs decided to jimmy open the door of my Silverado. My wallet and cellphone were gone and my console and door were wide open when I went to the truck to sit down for a minute. Panic ensued. I found a passerby that was willing to lend me a phone. I called Carrie to cancel the debit cards. The guy I borrowed the phone from said that there was a Cop patrolling the parking lot earlier. So I went out to where the race course meets the road ... and I see something lying in the rocks next to the school hosting the triathlon. It was my wallet ... with everything in it - except for a 50 dollar bill. Then, about another 100 feet away, I saw something else. It was my cell phone. I can only speculate, but I suppose the Cop rolled up on these punks and they ditched my stuff. How do I know? He spotted them and noticed they were just trolling around the parking lot rather than racing or spectating. I asked the Cop how they were dressed and he said "Just like the rest of you folks." I filed a police report. I doubt anything will ever be done. I am out 50 bucks, but I am 100% lucky to just be out that.

He biked a 1:14 for the 24 miles. I was happy with his time considering he hadn't ridden much since Ironman in the fall.

Oh yeah, now I have to run a 10K. My heart rate never dropped below 160 during the whole run. I was so adrenalized that it probably hindered my run. Couple that with the fact that while passing another runner at a little under a mile, I stepped on the edge of the sidewalk and turned my ankle. My pace slowed from a 6:45 to a 7:15 and then to an 8:15. I settled in there and hobbled my way to the finish. I ran a 49:40.

Click this link to check out my mile splits:

We did a 2:36.

It's good that I did the run for him since his broken foot is still on the mend. It was fun - even with all the added drama.